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Surgery can be a stressful experience, which is why the Center for Total Joint Care strives to educate each patient on what to expect before, during and after surgery.


A team-oriented approach keeps physicians, staff and patients on the same page to ensure each patient is properly prepared for the post-op transition from hospital to home. With careful planning, your recovery can be a smoother and more pain-free process.


Before surgery


Your pre-op preparations can make all the difference in your recovery, which is why the Center for Total Joint Care offers and recommends attending a two-hour pre-operative education class. During this class, you will review your medical history with a nurse and learn about what preparations you can make in your home to aid the healing process.


Your hospital stay


The staff at the Center for Total Joint Care will help prepare you for your stay, educating you on precautions you should take immediately after surgery, as well as guidelines for sustaining good pain control.


During your stay, you will receive occupational therapy as part of your replacement rehabilitation. In many cases, patients are able to take on walking exercises by the second day of post-op therapy.


Recovering at home


The success of your replacement is driven by your own efforts upon returning to your home. You will not want to wait for your first therapy appointment to begin the exercises you’ll learn at the hospital. Begin them immediately as instructed.


Furthermore, you’ll want to get plenty of rest; eat a balanced diet rich in grains, fruits and vegetables; and take your pain medications as prescribed. You’ll also want to pay close attention to how you walk, sit and sleep during your rehabilitation.