Exterior image of the cancer treatment center, taken at an angle. The sky is blue and cloudless. There is snow on the hills in the background. Patients of the CTC receive cancer treatment at this building.

Cancer Care

Sky Lakes Cancer Treatment Center

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Cancer Care

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Sky Lakes Cancer Treatment Center provides comprehensive care with skill and compassion to ensure you can get cancer care in Klamath Falls. We have some of the most current technology to detect, diagnose and treat cancer. Here are some of the cancer care options we offer.


  • Radiation therapy using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Chemotherapy utilizing leading-edge medications.
  • Treatment of noncancerous blood disorders.


We are here to make your experience with the Cancer Treatment Center as comfortable as possible.

Providers offering this care service

Technology to Heal


In addition to other improvements, our Elekta Infinity radiation treatment unit has the ability to perform a special CT scan on our patients before their treatment session. This allows the care team to know exactly where the cancerous tumors are in 4D. Sophisticated software also helps the oncology providers to account for respiratory motion when needed. Our technology makes it possible to receive your cancer care in Klamath Falls without needing to travel hundreds of miles for the same care.

Manufacturer image of the Elektra Infinity Care machine. The machine is large with a central column that rotates around the platform patients rest on during the machin's scan. There are two monitors on the left and right sides of the machine. the top of the machine says "Elektra" This is a machine patients may use during their cancer treatment.

Support Groups at the CTC for cancer care patients and their loved ones


Social support has been shown to help us make lasting increases in being physically active—cancer survivors and their friends and family members are invited to attend support group events together! These support groups are open to anyone in the Klamath Falls area regardless of whether you or your loved one are receiving cancer care at Sky Lakes Cancer Treatment Center or not.

Middle aged woman smiling big while a man shaves her head for a cancer fundraiser for cancer treatment in Klamath Falls.
image of the inside of the hugh currin house. In the foreground you can see two armchairs facing each other with a coffee table in between them. on the left side of the room there is a round dining table that seats four people. the right side of the background reveals a full kitchen with a stove, microwave,dishwasher, and refrigerator. The Hugh Currin house is available for patients receiving cancer treatment in klamath falls and need a place to stay. it is across the street from the cancer treatment center.

The Hugh Currin House for cancer care patients and families from out of town


Named in honor of longtime area physician Dr. Hugh B. Currin, this residence provides a friendly, comfortable place where patients and their families can stay. Patients who are receiving cancer treatment in Klamath Falls but are not residents or must travel from outside of town to receive cancer care can request to stay in the Hugh Currin House. It’s just across the street from the Cancer Treatment Center.